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The weather forecast for Damüls keeps you informed about the current weather situation at the time of your stay in Vorarlberg.

Weather-service as packing or orientation help.

Your holiday weather for Vorarlberg

Fri, 24. Feb 2017

Night -2°C | Day 1°C
AM/PM (in %)
70% | 50%
Sunny 0
Below zero level 1000m

Sat, 25. Feb 2017

Night -8°C | Day 1°C
AM/PM (in %)
0% | 0%
Sunny 8
Below zero level 1500m

Sun, 26. Feb 2017

Night -6°C | Day 4°C
AM/PM (in %)
0% | 0%
Sunny 6
Below zero level 2100m

Mon, 27. Feb 2017

Night -7°C | Day 6°C
AM/PM (in %)
0% | 0%
Sunny 5
Below zero level 3000m

Tu, 28. Feb 2017

Night -2°C | Day 3°C
AM/PM (in %)
0% | 0%
Sunny 4
Below zero level 2200m
The recent weather conditions, which have been too mild for the season, will at least temporarily cease. A cold front will result in significantly decreasing temperatures, however, it will bring only small precipitation amounts. Sunny weather is forecast for the weekend. The temperatures will significantly increase again. Besides, föhny conditions are expected at the beginning of next week. The southerly föhn wind will continue to interfere with the weather on Tuesday. An influence of low-pressure and a temperature decrease will approach at midweek.

Snow or sunshine, degrees below or above zero – Damüls offers a great variety of activities for all weathers, in summer and winter. Don't forget that it can get quite cold during a winter at 1,432 metres above sea level; in summer however you are closer the the sun.

The reception team at the Madlener Mountain Hotel will be pleased to provide you with information and tips for your stay in Damüls. Send us your no obligation holiday enquiry now or make a reservation.

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