Hiking tours

300km of signposted paths

Around 300 signposted hiking trails await you in the highest hiking resort between the UNESCO Große Walsertal biosphere reserve and the Bregenz Forest on the Furkajosh in Damüls.

Explore one of Austria's most beautiful hiking resorts, in a guided hiking group with BERGaktiv or on your own. At the Madlener Mountain Hotel in Damüls you stay at the perfect starting point.

Huge selection of hiking routes around Damüls and the Madlener Mountain Hotel
Mountain panorama in the Große Walsertal biosphere reserve
Alpine Flowers in the Bregenz Forest
Themed hikes in the Große Walsertal biosphere reserve

Hiking tips:

The variety of hiking tours around Damüls is incredible. But there are some tours you should definitely not miss out on. Here are some hiking tips by your hosts in Damüls:

  • Damüls-Faschina circular walk
    A “must” for every hiking holiday in Damüls! Start your hike at the Stafelalpbahn's lower terminus in Faschina and walk up to the middle station. Take the short educational flora walk until you get to the Glatthornbahn cable car mountain station and shortly after you will find yourself at the circular walk's highest point. Go downhill via the Damülser Horn until you reach the Alpe Unterdamüls. Take the forest road to Damüls. You can of course take this tour the other way round.
  • Damülser Mittagsspitze
    This tour starts at the parking area of the Uga Express 4-pax chair lift in Damüls close to the Madlener Mountain Hotel. A signposted hiking trail takes you up to the Walisgaden mountain station and from there continue to the Vordere Ugaalpe. Signs will lead you the way to the Mittagspitze. Enjoy the wonderful and wide mountain panorama at 2,095m. From here you will be able to see the whole Bregenz Forest and Große Walsertal all the way to the Arlberg. For your return take the signposted fork to the Hintere Ugaalpe, past the Ragazer Schrofen and back to Damüls.

Half-day hikes in Damüls-Faschina

  • Au
    Take the bus to Argenfall. From here take a hike via Unterfeld through the Argenschlucht gorge and along the Argenbach brook to Au. The hiking bus will take you back to Damüls.
  • Unterdamüls-Kirchdorf
    Take the bus to Faschina, from here walk to the Schluchtensatten via the Staffelalplift, continue to the 3 Wannen and finally to Unterdamüls and Kirchdorf.
  • Schwende
    Take the Uga Express to the Elsenalp and from there walk via the Brandalpe and the Bannwald to the Schwende. From there you can then take the bus back to Damüls. This walk is about 3-4 hours long.

Day hikes in Damüls-Faschina

  • Rote Wand circular walk
    Walk around the highest mountain in the Große Walsertal biosphere reserve up to 2,704m. On this hike the motto truly is: the journey is its own reward, because even if you don't make it all the way up to the mountain top you will still experience an unforgettable hiking day on the Damüls mountains. Leave Damüls early in the morning. The hiking bus will take you to the Laguzalpe from where you walk towards Sättele, Klesenzaalpe and to the Untere Johannes Joch (2,100m). Take a break and continue your hike to the Formarinalpe hut and the Freiburg Hütte and finally walk back to your starting point at the Laguzalpe. Along the way you will find several inns where you can taste delicious Vorarlberg hut delicacies.

Themed hikes

The following tours are also offered as guided hikes by BERGaktiv.

  • Sunset hike to the Hohe Fraßen
    Start this hike at the Obere Orschla. The starting point is accessible by car. Plan about 1.5 hours walking time for a moderate ascent to the Fraßenhütte hut and check the sunset time before you start your hike. After a colourful natural spectacle enjoy a lovely break at the hut. Don't forget to take a torch for the descent with you.
  • Sunrise hike to the Zafernhorn
    Early risers enjoy the wonderful sunrise above the Alps' peaks around the Zafernhorn. This hike is only for early-morning people. You start around 3am at the Faschina cable car valley station. Plan around 2.5 hours for the ascent. A mountain panorama dipped in orange-red is the reward for the hike all the way up the Zafernhorn at 2,107m followed by a mountain breakfast.
  • Water hike
    Visit the cultural monuments in the Große Walsertal and enjoy how close you are to the water here: Kessena-Schlucht gorge, Bad Rothenbrunnen and the sulphur spring can be found along the way. Starting point is at the church in Buchboden, which you can conveniently reach with the 77 bus from Damüls. Take the agricultural road to the Kessena cultural monument and from there continue to the Eisenquelle Rothenbrunnen, past the power station's “Tuffquelle” until you finally reach the Buchboden sulphur spring, where you might enjoy a bit of treading water. We recommend a hiking guide for this hike as he or she will tell you art-historical information you would otherwise miss out on.
  • Blasenka flower idyll
  • Spend your day of hiking in the lovely-smelling blaze of colours along the way to the Blasenka at 2,010m. This tour is especially rewarding in the early summer when the flowers start to blossom. A BERGaktiv hiking guide will tell you old legends and myths about this area.

Enjoy the wonderful mountain world around your Madlener Mountain Hotel in Damüls, alone in the natural environment or during a guided hike with an BERGaktiv expert. Leave your car at the hotel and take the convenient hiking bus. The Bregenzerwald Card will give you free and unlimited access to the Damüls mountain railways. Send us your no obligation room enquiry or your online reservation and look forward to an attractive holiday offer from Damüls.

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Alpenrosen in the spring in Vorarlberg, Austria
Alpenrosen in Austria in the spring

Vorarlberg in spring

Realxing in the Vorarlberg alps
Summer holidays in Damüls, Vorarlberg

Vorarlberg in summer

Sunset in the autumn in Damüls, Austria
Relaxing and active days in Damüls in the autumn

Vorarlberg in authumn

Alpine hut at the ski run
Your ski holiday in the winter at Berghotel Madlener, Austria

Vorarlberg in winter


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