Relax Area

Time for recreation

Enjoy the peace and the relaxed atmosphere at the 4-star Madlener Mountain Hotel in Damüls. Located in the middle of the wonderful and protected natural environment in the Große Walsertal biosphere reserve and the Bregenz Forest the relax area offers you stunning views.

Vacation in the Madlener hotel
Relax Area of the Madlener Mountain Hotel in Austria
Time for yourself in the 4 star Madlener hotel in Damüls
Relaxation and lots of time for yourself in Vorarlberg

Read, sleep, idle

A holiday should be relaxing. Finally you can find the time to do nothing – for many people this sounds like the most difficult thing in the world. Indulge in time for yourself, a good book, your favourite music or whatever is good for you. In the relax area you will find the perfect atmosphere for recreation with views over the Damüls mountains.

The fireplace parlour also invites you to recreational moments in front of the crackling fire. With a glass of red wine in one hand and a bestseller in the other or a good conversation with your partner – this is the perfect way to call it a day at the mountain hotel in Damüls.


Healthy idleness

Getting away from your everyday life is healthy and creates capacities for upcoming projects. Not only your body, but also your mind and soul can unwind and find new strengths during the sweet idleness. Every living thing depends on the laws of nature; one of those laws is the constant rhythm of change from tension to relaxation as well as to the highest possible development of all systems within the living organism.

Did you know that idleness is also one of the laws of nature that us humans are subject to, in the same way work is?

Only if we do nothing from time to time we are able to create something new. 

Time for yourself

As a social being we like to surround ourselves with friends, family and acquaintances and often feel the best when we are in conversation with someone else. However, we should definitely allow periods of serenity and time for our inner needs. Enjoy the silence during a holiday. In the Hotel Madlener relax area in Damüls you can take some time for yourself.

Be honest – how long has your big reading project been waiting for you or when was the last time you have actually dedicated time to yourself? Now you have the opportunity to spend peaceful hours on the mountains.

Reserve your cosy, feel-good room at the 4-star Madlener Mountain Hotel on the Damüls mountains in Vorarlberg conveniently with an non binding holiday enquiry or an online booking.

Good to know!

Alpenrosen in the spring in Vorarlberg, Austria
Alpenrosen in Austria in the spring

Vorarlberg in spring

Realxing in the Vorarlberg alps
Summer holidays in Damüls, Vorarlberg

Vorarlberg in summer

Sunset in the autumn in Damüls, Austria
Relaxing and active days in Damüls in the autumn

Vorarlberg in authumn

Alpine hut at the ski run
Your ski holiday in the winter at Berghotel Madlener, Austria

Vorarlberg in winter


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